A fun filled evening @ Maison Rouge

There’s a new hotspot in town and it’s been super popular since it’s recent opening. Maison Rouge replaces the old Vesna restaurant inside the Conrad Hotel and offers guests a dinner and show offering hours of live entertainment. It’s cabaret style with the dancers wearing incredible outfits, and they have live performers including saxophonist and […]

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An Italian restaurant over 10 years old in Dubai!?

I’ve lived in Dubai a little over 4 years but the amount of restaurants I’ve seen open and close within the span of one year alone is plain heartbreaking. I mean gosh it must be hard in this saturated market to stay relevant when there’s over 10,000 restaurants in Dubai to eat at. You could […]

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Dinner by Heston Blumenthal

I used to live in London. Yeah I used to like my food and still take pictures of it but I never used to do anything with those photos except maybe post them in an album on Facebook. Nowadays I have a food blog and an Instagram account purely dedicated to food. So a few […]

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