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Japan – A blooming good time 🌸

Visiting Japan was like stepping into a time warp. Everywhere we went they played jazz music and it gave off those old school New York vibes. For example their taxis (which are mainly Toyota Crowns from the early 90’s) are in pristine condition but with automatic doors and doily covers. During our 12 day trip […]

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Mind blowing Mauritius

I must admit I’m more of an island lover when it comes to travel. There’s something about the ocean and feeling the sand between my toes which really grounds me. So when my friend toyed with the idea of visiting Mauritius I had already started packing mentally. I mean who doesn’t love sunshine and long […]

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Finding Zen in Nepal

What do most people do when life gets too stressful? Take a yoga class? Meditate? Book a holiday? I did all of the above. I escaped for a weekend to a yoga retreat in Nepal with two of my girl friends. Being our first time in Nepal we had no idea what to expect. We […]

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