Nickname? Nossy

Favourite Food? Dumplings

Favourite Cuisine? That’s a hard decision but I’d probably say Japanese

Favourite Fruit? Avocado, duh

Favourite Vegetable? Sweet Potato

Longest time you can last without eating? Max 2 hours

Favourite Cheat Meal? Has to be a double cheese burger from Five Guys

How often do eat out? Probably too often, a lot on the weekends and a few times during the week too.

Favourite drink? Fresh coconut water

Most missed food from your home country? Probably sausage rolls

Hardest thing to stop eating? Sugar


Follow my blog, instagram, twitter and zomato account to see where I’ve been eating, or if you’d like to get in touch drop me an email – nossy@live.com.au

Eat well, travel well



1 Comments on “About”

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    Hope you are well.

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