March Recap

The one with the weddings.

March madness is a thing. Not only did I have my best friends wedding to attend where I was a bridesmaid we also had some mutual friends weddings back to back.

Not to mention it’s also the month before Ramadan starts and the last month of Expo so there was events galore!

The weddings were all so different but so much fun! The brides were absolutely stunning and there was so much dancing. Definitely all nights to remember.

Wedding #1
Wedding #2
Wedding #3

The weather peaked to 40 degrees but thankfully went back down to an average of 29 degrees Celsius. I wasn’t prepared for an extended Summer.

Piano lessons are going well and every time I see a piano out I want to go and play it. I’m surprised that I can read music, play with two hand and a pedal and sing. All I need to work on now is perfecting the tempo and the notes/chords. But practice makes perfect!

We did an Italian baking class at Expo which was fun. Learnt how to make Grissini, Focaccia and Ciabatta.

Bread Ahead Baking School

My second cousin was in town so we had a catch up after some years, I continued with the ice baths. I brunched, attended an exhibition for work, had a pro give me a Wakesurfing lesson, went on a yacht, attended the yoga festival.

Yacht Life
Yoga Festival

We had a desert bbq, attended a foodiva event, went back to expo and had a beautiful cacao ceremony and sound healing for my best friends birthday.

Desert BBQ
Cacao ceremony

We saw Christina Aguilera in a free concert for the Expo Closing Ceremony night which also ended with fireworks. And that rounded out what was a chaotic month called March.


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