February Recap

The bestie’s wedding is fast approaching. The bridal shower is booked and I finally started piano lessons (Thanks to the encouragement & birthday voucher from my Friends).

Had a weird dream about the ex. I’m currently booking things in for my trip home in May. I was close contact with a positive Covid case which resulted in me WFH for 7 days.

I attended a FREE gig. We went and saw South African DJ Black Coffee perform at the DEC at Expo. 120AED a pop for a vodka & Rockstar energy drink is a bit steep though. WOW.

My girlfriends and I attended a desert Yoga session hosted by a friend of a friend. It was so nice connecting with nature and arching back to reach the moon. However, the multiple downward dogs did trigger my vertigo. Perhaps it was the hangover catching up to me.

Desert sunset yoga

I did the Ice Bath again. (Third time now) It’s getting easier. Although it’s even more mentally challenging when it’s overcast and windy outside.

Ice bath

The Hen’s Party was a HOOT. Oh my gosh we had so much fun. It was a small group of just 10 of us but it was definitely a day/night to remember.

Hen’s Party

I have two visitors, coming from the UK. Cannot wait to catch up with them in person after so long.

I worked on the playlist for the wedding music. The instructions from the Bride were strictly “dancing songs only”. “I want to dance all night long”. 

I finally played a song on the piano in front of my teacher without making a mistake. Whoop, small wins.

I explored new opportunities. I spent an afternoon with a bunch of young & inspiring entrepreneurs. 

I took a day off and went to Twiggy again, spent some quality girl time watching Love is Blind & eating take away with my friend I haven’t seen in over 7 years. I also convinced her to try Wakesurfing for the first time. We dined at number 29 out of 50 best restaurants in the MENA region and had a wonderful experience all bar the final dessert, which they graciously deducted from the bill.


We had a private ice bath session with some friends for a friends birthday followed by a massage at one of the best spas in Dubai. The perfect end to a really nice weekend.

Annoyingly my vertigo came back and kinda threw me off and forced me to slow down with my ever so hectic life. March is even crazier!

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