Things to do to avoid cabin fever

2019 was rough for a lot of people. Most people wished it was over and so many of us were looking forward to 2020. But month after month all we heard was bad news. It’s mid March in 2020 and we are almost a month into the COVID-19 pandemic. Most people I speak to have been asked to work from home and a lot of companies have closed their doors for now.

Being confined to your house sounds great at first but in the long run it can start to affect our mental health and a lot us will start to feel “trapped”.

Since a lot of us are experiencing a full lockdown (can only leave for essential items like groceries) I’ve put together a list of constructive things you can do at home in your spare time.

  1. Video call your family or friends. For me the time difference means I rarely get to speak to my family and friends down under so I’m definitely taking advantage of this. Zoom is a great app for multi-person video chats.
  2. Clean out your pantry & fridge. Rarely do we go through individual items to check the expiry date and usually theres a few items which have gone past their expiry which need to be binned, ASAP!
  3. Clear out your closet. If you live in the UAE then Summer is just around the corner. Pack away your Winter clothes to make room for your Summer wardrobe. You can even sell or donate unwanted items.
  4. Start/write a blog/diary. I know my blog has been a little neglected so now is the perfect time to play catch ups. Even keeping a journal with daily positive affirmations is a nice start.
  5. Finish reading that book. You know the one that’s been laying around and staring you in the face, waiting for you to finish it.
  6. Get creative! We live in the world of social media where videos are key! Hence TikTok is taking the world by storm. Show the world your creative side. You can check out my unco dancing here:
  7. Start a new hobby. I’ve recently started getting into gardening and have been planting seeds and watching them grow. It’s fun for kids & adults alike.
  8. Learn a new recipe. There’s no reason why anyone can’t cook. It’s as simple as looking up a recipe, buying the ingredients and following it step-by-step. Choose a dish from your favorite restaurant and try and recreate it. Your friends will be impressed.
  9. Get some sunshine! Step outside for at least 15 minutes a day to soak up the necessary Vitamin D our bodies needs to absorb calcium and promote bone growth as well as other important bodily functions.
  10. Last but not least, work out from home. All you need is wifi access, then jump onto YouTube where you’ll find a endless variety of FREE workout videos. What are you waiting for?

Let me know how you’re making use of your additional time at home in the comments below.

Stay healthy!
Nossy xxx

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