Reif Kushiyaki |Now Serving: Breakfast!

Embarrassingly, this is my first visit to one of the hottest new restaurants in town and after my experience today, it definitely won’t be my last.


I remember Reif telling me a while back that he’d be serving up an Asian style breakfast at his new restaurant and today I finally got to try 3 of the 6 dishes from the Wa Cha Shoku menu.


Service starts at 9am on the weekend and last orders are called by 11:30am. I was impressed by the portion sizes VS the price point as each breakfast dish comes served with a glass of fresh orange juice, whilst the rest of the drink menu is served on a la carte basis.


The restaurant caters for around 20 guests indoors and the newly opened al fresco dining area easily accommodates for more. We sat outside to enjoy the fresh air and great weather although the indoor vibes are edgy especially with the astro boy wall mural.


The thick cut toasts were indeed that. We tried the Black Sesame Toast (AED65) with cream cheese, which comes with a side of ridiculously good yuzu yoghurt and chia seed pudding, soaked with brown Japanese sugar. My absolute favorite though was the Reif Kaya Toast (AED65). The combination of salted butter with coconut jam really made my tastebuds sing. Both of these dishes come with a side of freshly cut Persimmon & Nashi pear wedges.

The Sake Gozen was a bowl of goodness. The only place in Dubai that can cook salmon exactly the way i like it. Crispy on the outside but melts in your mouth on the inside. It comes atop a bowl of sticky rice and served on a tray with a miso soup, pieces of tamago and iceberg wafu.

I was stuffed but not in a rush so we take our time to finish everything to ensure there’s no waste. We order a few coffees to aid our digestion as we catch up over a very relaxed breakfast.

There’s no doubt Chef Reif takes his time to perfect each and every dish he serves to his guests and it’s probably why he has a cult following in Dubai from previous days in Play & Zuma to his new venture consulting at Alice (replacing the old Novikov) as well as his own Japanese restaurant: Reif Kushiyaki.


For those interested Chef Reif Othman also offers a four seat intimate dining namely called “The Experience”. Reservations are essential and the multi course theme will change regularly from sushi to wagyu and even desserts. Bookings will of course be essential.

Address: Unit 70, Dar Wasl Mall, Al Wasl Rd, Dubai
Phone: 04 345 0761





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