Be a volunteer – Stray Dogs Center UAQ

Do you love animals, especially dogs? Are you interested in volunteer work?

If the answer is YES to both of the above then make sure you get involved in the volunteer dog walking which happens at Stray Dogs Center in Um Al Quwain. This non profit organisation is home to 150+ dogs which need walking on a weekly basis so they rely on volunteers to help them out.

Every weekend groups of volunteers arrive in the afternoon and have a short briefing before taking 1 or 2 dogs out at a time for a walk in the desert for around 15 minutes each. This may be the only time they’ve been out during that week so you can understand how excited they might be. Some of them may want to run, so you will be running with them.

Make sure you’re wearing comfortable clothes and take water with you also. Being a purely not for profit organisation they rely only on donations. Whether it be monetary, food, collars, or leads for the dogs, every little helps.

The whole experience takes a few hours and during that time you may get to walk 6 different dogs or more. Some may also not want to walk so just taking them out and sitting with them, allowing them to get some fresh air outside their pen.

Stray Dogs Center UAQ also hold foster and adoption days for dogs who are after a forever home. Be sure you follow them on Instagram & Facebook for more information on how you can get involved.

Screen Shot 2019-06-28 at 2.21.05 pm

Not only will you have an enjoyable time with the dogs but you will leave on a high knowing that you’ve made their day.




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