A slurping good time at Daikan Ramen

German speaking, Turkish owners open a Japanese ramen joint in Dubai. Now once you get your head around that we can start talking about why Ramen is one of the hottest (literally) foods you can eat in the Dubai right now.

Ramen is one of those easy comfort foods, oodles of noodles with often a choice of varying broths and toppings that is meant to be slurped and sucked until there is nothing left except an empty bowl. It’ll leave you feeling warm, content and happy.
Dubai being Dubai and the multitude of cuisines available on hand, I like that this traditional Japanese dish is being re-invented and presented to us (sans pork) at places like Daikan, which now calls Lakeshore Tower, in Cluster Y, JLT home.

Not only do they serve 6 different types of ramen they also serve Japanese street food like gyoza, karaage and those famous bite sized octopus balls – takoyaki. The takoyaki is topped with bonito flakes which is always interesting for people that have never seen them before because it makes the food look like it’s alive due to the movement of these extra thinly sliced flakes of preserved fish.

When they had their pop up store in Marina I visited twice in the space of two weeks and have tried most of their limited menu.

For those too lazy to go visit their new location they are now available on Deliveroo. So go get your #slurpface on. Make sure to use the hashtag to try win yourself a free bowl!

Location: Lakeshore Tower, Cluster Y, JLT

Phone: 050 725 6338

Daikan Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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