A magical weekend in Oman 🇴🇲

Just a short one hour flight from DXB will land you in Muscat, Oman. A fishing city that is also the countries capital and business district. It’s surrounded by gorgeous beaches and mountains galore. As we were only visiting for a weekend trip we jumped straight into a hire car and headed south along the coastal route.

Our first stop was Bimmah sinkhole. The drive took around 3 hours from Muscat airport. We arrived around 11am and there was already loads of visitors and a few tour buses there. After parking and changing, we walked straight inside (no entrance fee) and took the steep staircase all the way down to the water. There’s no lockers on site so if you take bags with you they will be left unattended whilst you are swimming. I’d recommend taking some aqua shoes with you as the rocks can be sharp and also full of slippery moss.

We spent around an hour at Bimmah Sinkhole before driving to our next stop, Wadi Shabb. We arrived around 1pm, found a car spot along the road and hopped on a small boat for one Omani riyal which allows you a return trip across the lake to the beginning of the hiking route. The palm trees were so tall I felt as if I had entered Jurassic Park.

The hike is around 45 minutes along rocks, some of which have slippery surfaces and no railings so it’s best to wear shoes with grip especially if you are doing the hike unassisted. You can however choose to hire tour guides prior to your visit.

Once you reach the start of the wadi, you will be waking through water full of reeds, seaweed and moss covered rocks for a good 20 minutes or so before you reach the final destination. A cave full of aquamarine water, which once inside you’ll see a waterfall. It’s naturally stunning and definitely worth all the effort.

Ensure to start your hike back well before sunset as I can’t imagine the hike back would be very easy in the dark and without any torches. Also the last boat back across the river is around 6pm. (Double check when you’re there)

After a fun filled day so far we head to our hotel at Ras Al Jinz Nature Reserve. We check in to our room and shower before heading downstairs for dinner. We are excited because at 8:30pm we gather in the foyer to get the chance to go and watch the Green Sea Turtles laying their eggs.

The hotel guests get priority and we set off in groups of 10 guests.

You are briefed before you head out onto the sand walking in the dark led by a local Omani your guide with just one torch. No lights are allowed to be used and if you need to talk you are to whisper. You must stay together in your own group and not walk off from the group. On our way to the ocean we came across one baby turtle who was heading the wrong way towards the hotel instead of towards the ocean. As they follow the light, he was confused and they normally follow the moonlight into the ocean. The tour guide picked him up and put him in the right direction.

We kept walking until we reached a huge hole along the beach which the mother turtle digs up the lay her nest of eggs. It really is a magical experience watching Mother Nature at work. It’s also sad to know that out of 100+ eggs that the Mother turtle lay on average only 3 babies survive. They are subject to 3 predators being fox, crabs and also birds. Alas that’s the circle of life.

The night sky was pitch black although when we looked up we were in awe. I could see every single star even though I was surrounded by darkness and the feeling was just indescribable. It that very moment it makes you realize just how small we are in this vast universe.

The next morning we rose before sunrise again to see if there was any Mother turtles still about covering their nests. We were in luck! There was one Mother turtle still covering her eggs. We stayed with her until sunrise and watched as she used the last of energy to crawl out of the deep nest where she later her eggs, all the way back into the ocean and swam away, never to meet with her young again.

June until October is the high season which means you will have a higher chance of witnessing mother nature in action.

Our last day we drove back along the coast line all the way to Muscat where we stopped at the markets and picked up some Oud for a bargain price. We grabbed a coffee with a friend and took a stroll along the beach front as the tide was out at sunset. It was the perfect ending to a wonderful short break in Oman before flying back to Dubai.

We travelled in January 2019.

  • Flights: 1818 AED with
  • Car Rental: 468 AED
  • Visa: 6 Omani Rial = Around 57AED
  • Hotel: 400 AED for a one night stay, twin-share at Ras Al Jinz

These memories will be cherished forever. Until next flight ✈️

Nossy x


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