Re-live your childhood @ Cereal Killer Cafe

Ahhh the 80’s. What a time to be alive. Namco had captured our hearts with Pacman arcade machines and Cabbage Patch Dolls were the cutest collectible babies around. Don’t forget troll dolls. What about all the cartoons you used to wake up early to watch like The Jetsons or Tom & Jerry. My personal favorite was the Dinosaurs.

Cereal Killer Cafe in Dubai Mall is a nostalgic hangout for the big kids and a cool place for the little kids too. It originates from London with the Dubai Mall branch opening back on Feb 9th 2017. It’s by no means a place for a healthy breakfast or snack but more a fun and relaxed corner cafe to try over 100 different cereals, with 20 different flavored milk options including crazy flavors like bubble gum and creme brûlée. To this you can add over 30 different toppings ranging from candy to fresh fruit, ice cream or nuts or my foodie friends fav, marshmallow fluff.

If you want a combination of cereal they have combos to choose from in their cereal cocktails list. We tried the Unicorn Poop 🦄 💩 as well as the Shooty Shooty Bang Bang 🔫 although the latter was missing the popping candy. ☹️ I barely got through the regular bowl because it comes with a white chocolate flavored milk, Nutella, Milky Way stars as well as hazelnut and milk chocolate krave cereal pieces so if you’re not used to a sweet and sugary breakfast then this might not be for you.

Or perhaps it’s because I started with a strawberry fruity ice cream before my cereal. Who knows. 🤷🏼‍♀️

We also tried some of their hot food options like the Cheerios Classic Grilled Cheese Sandwich 🥪 which comes with two different cheeses inside and Cheerios stuck to the outside. The outside was a little dry but would of been nicer if they buttered the outside bread. Their new addition to the menu is Cornflakes chicken strips. 4 pieces of deep fried chicken strips that are coated in crushed cornflakes. They are so crunchy and crispy that I dare you to find a tastier chicken strip in Dubai.

They also serve stacked hot chocolates, malt shakes, sodas & juices and every American kids favorite; pop tarts! Just ask the staff for which flavor is available when you visit.

This grammable cafe is located right next to the waterfall on Level 1 of Dubai Mall and also next to the Village and close to Nespresso. You won’t be able to miss it’s colorful and quirky design complete with kids beds as the seating.

It’s also available to order from Deliveroo, Zomato, Carriage and Talabat.

Phone: 04 347 7279

Cereal Killer Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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