Hello, vertigo?

Re-wind to my Euro trip in 2016. A very rocky yacht trip to the black and red beaches of Santorini and a seafood lunch. The crew had asked if anyone gets sea sick prior to leaving and I was one of the first to raise my hand. They loaded us up with a special type of chewing gum to prevent sea sickness but the swell was pretty big that day so it was inevitable that I would get sick.

However it was later the next day, when we were flying back to Dubai via Athens that I started to feel really ill. Luckily I had a travel buddy who navigated us home from airport to airport, flight to flight. Thanks Clarkey!

Once landing back in Dubai the feeling of “sea legs” did not disappear. If anything it worsened. Day by day it gradually got worse and worse and I was in the process of starting a new job. I went to orientation but couldn’t focus. The dizziness caused nausea and by the 4th day I was vomiting uncontrollably. I saw the doctor who gave me an injection for the nausea and the dizziness and also some tablets too.

The next day I was feeling a lot better. Until some time had passed and I went swimming at the beach. Bam. Once I reached home the same sea legs feeling although this time I hadn’t been on a boat. I had just been swimming in the ocean. Floating as well. So it’s by this stage i realize swimming is one of my triggers as the water in the ears is causing an imbalance.

That was until I went out on a night on the turps some months later and again, vertigo appeared. What i thought was a 4 day hangover was now in fact full blown vertigo complete with the dizziness and nausea and vomiting. This time I couldn’t even keep down water so I went to the doctor who put me on a drip because I completely dehydrated.

They also referred me for a brain scan as by this time I’d had several severe cases in a short amount of time. The CT scan was such a scary experience. I felt like an alien on another planet. The sound itself was awful and even though I had earphones on, I could hear everything.

Enter 2018 where I’ve had some mild cases and still gone to work and a colleague mentioned it could be triggered by dehydration. In some cases that could of been possible. Then it got me thinking in general about my health and I know that I have a naturally low BP. So low that sometimes when I go to the doctors and have it tested they ask if I’m feeling OK and whether I had eaten anything and it’s extremely low. This is usually after I’ve already eaten a decent breakfast. However this is probably another reason I find myself eating every 2 hours or so just to keep me energy levels up and prevent me from getting “hangry” or feeling faint.

So now that I’ve identified my triggers I can manage my condition without the need for taking unnecessary medication.


Swimming, specifically floating.

Flying – mainly landing.

Alcohol – excessive drinking.

Have you or anyone you known ever experienced vertigo?

Let me know your remedies below.

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