Organic Farming in the UAE

It’s not everyday that you get invited to a private tour of an organic agriculture farm in the UAE. The 125 acre farm is owned by royalty (so I’m told) and is located in the country’s capital, Abu Dhabi.

Al Rawafed Organic Agriculture Farm has a European Certification for organic produce as well as being UAE certified. The whole farm is run on desalinated water with a drip irrigation system. Technology these days means they can measure the humidity and also judge how much water is required for each crop.

I was shocked to see what they could grow in this type of climate. Everything from bananas to figs, capsicums & kale through to potatoes and corn. The beauty of organic farming is we could try some of the produce straight from the plant itself. You can’t get any fresher than that.

As it’s a completely organic farm, we were shown the way they propel insects away. Some methods included planting clover in between corn so it produces nitrogen and deters pests. Other ways were by netting crops to stop birds and larger creatures from attacking the crops. They also buy “good” bugs to attack the “bad” bugs and by greasing certain color fabrics to attract the smaller flying insects who get stuck to it.

My favorite employees on the farm had to be the giant bumblebees which were “hired” to pollinate the cherry tomato plants which can grow up to a whopping 10 feet tall.

Al Rawafed sells not only to the local supermarkets like Spinney’s, LuLu’s and Carrefour but they also export to neighboring GCC countries.

The staff at Al Rawafed are passionate about what they do they have a good reason for doing it. “Farming for the future, for our children and for our children’s children”.

After wrapping up our visit it enforced my desire to live on a farm one day and to grow my own produce. I’m thankful for the experience and hope to share my love and knowledge of eating good food with others.

You can find their products online at Kibsons. Order online and have it delivered directly to your door.

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