Mind blowing Mauritius

I must admit I’m more of an island lover when it comes to travel. There’s something about the ocean and feeling the sand between my toes which really grounds me. So when my friend toyed with the idea of visiting Mauritius I had already started packing mentally. I mean who doesn’t love sunshine and long walks along a beach? Although there’s a bit more to Mauritius than that. A lot more in fact. Read on to find out what we got up to.

We stayed in the South West of Mauritius. Le Morne to be specific and our first 3 nights were spent at Lux Le Morne with the picturesque Le Morne Brabant as the backdrop. The slaves used to be prisoners on that exact mountain when the Dutch and the British invaded the island. The former also responsible for the extinction of the dodo bird. It is now listed at a UNESCO heritage site.

After a 6.5 hour flight from DXB we were picked up from the airport by Iqbal, a native Mauritian. He was the most informative and proactive driver I’ve ever had before. Polite and curteous, he really made a great first impression for the Lux brand, even making stops for photo opportunities along the way. Upon arrival to the hotel, he even had our favorite coffee waiting for us.

I went to Mauritius with no expectations. I legit thought it would be only for honeymooners and not much to do except laze about the pool or beach. Boy was I wrong.

You can horse ride in the ocean which sounds awesome in theory but when it comes to mounting a horse without a saddle and in your bathers it’s a totally different experience. I’m really thankful my friend talked me into it even though I didn’t do it for very long. But long enough to get a picture.

Swimming with Wild Dolphins – this just sounds scary. Catching a boat out into the deep sea, being handed a snorkel mask and flippers and then being told to jump off the boat into the ocean when there are fins in the water. Errrrm, what OK. There’s no time to think as adrenanlin is pumping through your veins and you want to have this awesome experience but at the same time your mind is doubting itself saying “Are you crazy, there could be anything in there, even sharks!” but in the end you do it anyways, because YOLO! If only I had a go pro to capture this magical moment when the pod of spinner dolphins swam up alongside me, including a mumma and a baby dolphin. It was literally the most surreal experience I’ve had to date and I still get goosebumps even thinking about it.

Snorkeling – I’m a massive fan of snorkelling but it’s so sad to see now that in a lot of places coral bleaching has taken over. That being said we saw so many neon colored fish and creatures I was surprised they were still living in the area. The crystal clear waters made for the perfect underwater viewing.

Stand up paddle boarding – I’m also a big fan of SUP. I’ve done SUP quite a few times now so I’m pretty comfortable on the board. I like the fact that you get a good core workout whilst also enjoying the serenity of being out on the water.

Kayaking – This is always interesting especially when there’s two in a boat and you need to coordinate your strokes. This was another free water activity included at the LUX property.

We did a day trip with our driver to La Vallee Des Couleurs Nature Park where we did Zip Lining & Quad Biking and also stopped at the volcano – Trou Aux Cerf on the way back to the hotel. La Vallee Des Couleurs is also home to some giant tortoises, many waterfalls and some friendly peacocks too. This was the first place we ever went zip lining where you go by laying down and head first. It feels like you’re flying!

We switched hotels towards the end of our stay and spent a few nights at the Outrigger Bel Ombre, which is a huge property lined with lush tropical trees, beach front cabanas, multiple restaurants and The Plantation Club; a private club house with a fine dining restaurant and private pool.

We spent the majority of our time there just relaxing after an unplanned but eventful and fulfilling previous few days.

Mauritius I’ll definitely be back! 💙

Do: Pack tropical strength insect repellent, especially for the evenings unless you fancy getting eaten alive

Do: Remember to watch every sunset. Each day is more magical than the next.

Don’t: Forget to pack a book or two as you’ll have plenty of time to chill out too

When: We traveled September 2017

How: We flew Emirates direct from DXB for 4,500 AED during EID.

Where: LUX Le Morne – Absolutely stunning property, perfect for honeymooners. So much to explore & offer. The staff go above & beyond.

Outrigger – Caters more for families, has loads of onsite activities, like a tennis court, volley ball, water activities most of which need to be booked in advance. The sea plane tours also leave from here.

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