Crazy for Italian? Try Matto

A wise man once sung “no we’re never gonna survive, unless we are a little crazy” – Seal.

I’ve been to Italy before, I even have Italian friends. I’ll admit they are a little crazy but in a good way. They’re crazy extroverts or crazy passionate about what they do for a living. They live life to the fullest and one thing I’ve noticed is their loyalty not only to their country, but to their food. They are so ridiculously proud and love to share their food. Nothing makes them happier.

Matto restaurant embraces this crazy passion. They want nothing more than to make you feel comfortable whilst eating their forking ridiculously good food including some of the freshest Burrata and seafood in Dubai.

Not only is it fresh, it’s damn tasty too and the octopus is the epitome of cooked to perfection. It’s not chewy, it’s slightly charred but just the right texture to make us gobble up each and every tentacle but still want more.

If you’re like me and are obsessed with Burrata then you’ll probably be overjoyed to see it in the starters and on the mains and probably want to order it for both (which I did). Do I regret it? Not in the slightest. Although those pasta shells were so thick that I did struggle to eat it all despite it not being the largest of portions.

I couldn’t resist trying the coffee creme brûlée complete with lotus biscuit crumb as a base. It was either that or the tiramisu as I’m a fan of coffee in my desserts. It didn’t disappoint.

The DJ for the night played a great mix of old school tunes from the 90’s which were nostalgic and had the guests, myself included shazam-ing some of the tracks. The wait staff were fantastic too, a special mention to Ginzia from Napoli for not only looking after us but for spreading her infectious positive vibes. It made for a great evening and a lasting first impression of Matto.

Phone: 044441335

Lobby Level – The Oberoi, Business Bay

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