Blaze Burger – New contender for best burger joint in Dubai

Hailing from Bahrain and situated at the Ritz Carlton end of JBR, Blaze Burger has already made a buzz on social media with their grilled cheese burger and range of sinful desserts. So I made my way there to see what all the fuss was about.

It’s next to the Boots pharmacy and Starbucks and has some al fresco seating but I preferred to sit inside where the walls are sprayed with some super cool pieces of art. The waiter came to the table to hand over the menus. It’s filled with pictures of most of the items which makes it easier to choose. Weird part though, the waiter took our drink order but then said we had to order our food at the counter. Alright then.

Just to let you know now before you go and over order, the fry portions can be shared. No need to order individual fry portions unless you’re super hungry or don’t like sharing. Once our order is placed we are sent to the sauce stand which has mini shopping baskets where you can collect the types of sauce you wish to take back to your table. If you’re a fan of hot and spicy sauces you’re in luck. So many options to chose from. Although I will make a note here also that the fries come with one homemade sauce for you to choose. We chose 3 (at an extra cost) just to see which one we liked the best. My friend was a fan of the habereno whilst I obsessed over the Awesomeness sauce. The same one which came on our crazy fries, along with cheese, bacon bits and onion strings.

I wasn’t expecting the 6abooga burger to be that good. I mean when I pulled it apart the cheese pull wasn’t there so I was already a little deflated. But I needn’t be. This burger is the bees knees. At 68dhs a pop it’s the most expensive one on the menu but my god it is good. I forgot how much I loved  a grilled cheese sandwich for starters, then to have two juicy burger patties inside, along with tomato, onion, lettuce, awesomeness sauce and pickles, I was in burger heaven.

The Canjun scooper fries were perfection. I couldn’t stop eating them. To be honest you don’t even need a dipping sauce because of the Cajun seasoning. The crazy fries were also good but heavy, I’d definitely order the Cajun scoopers again though.

We had to try make room for some sweets, my friend opted for the 100% shake red velvet flavor but unfortunately it wasn’t in stock so we went with the cheesecake flavor instead. The milkshake is served in a small beaker and doesn’t even come with a straw. That’s when you know it’s thick. It comes with a teaspoon instead so you can “eat” your shake.

I was keen to try the “salty treat”. It claims to be not your usual sundae and I agree. It comes served in a churro cup for starters then filled with soft serve ice cream, drizzled with salted caramel, bacon bits and peanut butter m&m’s and a pretzel on top. I’ve never had anything like it. It looked great but I didn’t enjoy it that much, I guess I was expecting the churro cup to be freshly cooked and light and fluffy and rolled in cinnamon but it wasn’t. Or maybe I was just too full after eating the brick burger and two sides of fries.

The best part about Blaze is they deliver if you live near by via Zomato & Uber Eats. Winning!

Have you tried Blaze yet? What’s your fav menu item?

Blaze Burgers Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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