Anxiety – Whatsamatterwithyou?

You know that overwhelming fear or panic you suffer from that prevents you from partaking in social events or from doing simple everyday tasks. Well say hello to anxiety.

It’s not uncommon, hell it’s not even rare. It’s almost the norm these days. But recognizing the symptoms and finding personal ways to deal with it sooner rather than later is key.

First off let me start by saying I’m no expert. I’m only talking from personal experience. My first anxiety attack happened when I was living in London. It’s the first time I had lived away from home and struggled a little when it came to finding work and with the depressing London weather. It was always such a mission when you got sick. I remember I had been sick for 3 months with a condition that no doctor knew how to treat but ended up being so simple. I had a breakdown at work and they took me straight to A&E when I ended up having my first panic attack. To me I thought I was having a heart attack. Later to find out it was just a panic attack. It was awful.

I’ve had a few more since then of the same degree which prevented me from wanting to go to work.

Nowadays I’ve found ways to help deal with before it gets to that stage.

Below are the things I do to help ease my anxiety.

  • I go outside for a walk in the sunshine. Vitamin D is essential in our diets and without it humans can develop serious health risks.
  • I stroll to the beach and sit and listen to the waves. I find the ocean so calming.
  • I put on music. The playlist you choose is essential here as some songs can cause you more anxiety but finding something that’s easy to listen too or even just soothing and relaxing sounds.
  • I do yoga and meditation. Either a class or on my own. You can find a lot of free guides online via YouTube or also apps to download on your phone too.
  • I take a break from social media. Leave your phone alone for a few hours or don’t log on for a few days. I usually do this when I’m sick too as I feel like social media takes up a lot of time and and can be draining of our energy so when I’m unwell I need time to focus on myself.
  • Practice gratitude. Sometimes we forget how lucky we are to just be alive and breathing and for what we already have.
  • Just breathe. Deep slow breathing can help calm you down. Or if you know prayanama this can also work wonders.

Do you know or are someone that suffers from anxiety too? Drop me a line and let me know what works for you.

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