Live, Laugh, Tinder

Oh the joys of dating in the 21st century. Where the norm is swiping right or swiping left depending on whether the opposite sex is hot or not. If you both agree, you’ll match and it’ll be whether or not you can strike up a convo that lasts before you get the chance to meet. But like myself and so many of my friends, after one date it fizzles out and you lose interest then you’re onto the next one.

That’s part of the problem. It’s so easy to not respond and completely ghost somebody rather than being a decent human being and actually telling them straight up that you’re not interested. When we did become such gutless pieces of crap?

I’ve heard of people who have got married after meeting on dating apps, but that in itself is a rarity. I’d like to thank technology for taking away the human aspect of dating. Gone are the days where people are courteous, polite and caring. Don’t even think about chivalry if you are lucky enough to get a date in the first place. No chance honey. Take me back to the 50’s! Stat. Do gentleman actually exist in the 21st century? Please if you find one, can you clone them as they are a dying breed. Here’s to all my independent ladies who have had a man let them down time & time again. My best advise is to not get caught up. Spend time doing things you love, with people that you love and love you back. Our time on this earth is limited, so use it wisely.

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