Moombai & Co – Kitsch dining experience

Let me be completely honest up front and tell you all that Indian cuisine is not my forte nor is my favorite. Now that’s off my chest let me tell you about my recent dining experience at Moombai & Co, located on the Ground Floor of the H Hotel near Trade Center round about.

I hadn’t read any reviews so wasn’t sure what to expect I had only seen a buzz on social media. The entrance was a little confusing and we were redirected towards the hotel. I’m not sure if M&C replaces a previous bat or pub but upon entering and seeing the venue, it’s split up between a main bar area with a large dining table and multiple booths and then a separate dining area with a mix of high and low seating arrangements and also an al fresco dining area which was unoccupied. So we sat in the dining area which felt a little disconnected but that was ok. As we gaze around the room there’s a tuk tuk front in the corner and old Bollywood posters and art works on the walls and a colorful bookshelf near the exit.

Our confident waitress brings the menu and explains the concept behind the restaurant as well as offers us some recommendations.

Without ordering, we find some ice golas land on our table. Despite being served two different colors, they smell exactly the same, we taste them and they aren’t bad but also don’t love them enough to finish them. The table next to us though, sounded like they were slurping right next to my ear. A tad annoying.

Before our food arrives, a platter of chutneys and poppadoms arrive with chili, sweet and mild options.

Our waitress is confused by whether they serve Pepsi or Cola drinks and eventually my friend gets their 7up. I opt for a coffee cocktail, a baba budan martini, made with rum, cold drip coffee, vanilla syrup and apparently chili but I couldn’t taste any.

We didn’t wait too long for our appetizers, a tareli kolmi, fried prawns, which are marinated in ginger, garlic and curry leaves and the chicken frankie, spiced chicken and egg wrapped in a crispy paratha. The former being my the favorite of the two dishes.

Once we’re done with the appetizers they ask if they should put the mains order in. I looked puzzled as I thought it should of already been placed to avoid any long delays between courses. However we didn’t have to wait for too long before we were graced with more food.

The Zaffran Ghost Biryani is a lamb biryani cooked with a pastry lid on top that you need to cut through before you can dig in. There’s also a butter chicken, the Moombai & Co Black Daal, Kachumber Raita served with pomegranates, a plain naan and a paratha.

We’re left to dig in and try it all before deciding what we like best. We both agreed the Lamb Biryani despite being the most expensive thing on the menu, is lacking in flavor and has little meat and a lot of bones. I passed on my feedback to the waiter who came by to check how the food was.

The Moombai & Co Black Daal was the highlight even though I thought there was perhaps too much ghee inside but it soaked up with the flaky parathas just fine.

Feeling like something sweet we were persuaded to try the baked gulab jamun with rabdi. I’m normally not a fan of this dessert as I find the sugar syrup too much but this version was really good. The rabdi was like a condensed milk and they were enjoyed alongside a cup of their masala chai. The sweet ending left me on a sugar high but also lifted my mood.

Have you tried Moombai & Co? What did you think?

Bookings: 04 501 8607

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