Nossy's Food Diary

The most frequent comment I get as food blogger is “how do you stay so slim” or ” how are you not the size of a house”. The answer is quite simple. Everything in moderation. Of course, I’d love to eat a burger and fries everyday for the rest of my life but I’d probably be dead in a few years if I did.

Heart disease runs in my family and I’ve had Uncles and Grandparents who have had triple bypasses. My Dad has high cholesterol and has been on tablets for years and funnily enough I myself, also have border line high cholesterol. So instead of becoming a statistic I decide to control it by having a balanced diet and keeping active.

As requested, here’s a look into my daily food diary.

Breakfast: Usually a smoothie, oats or avocado on toast with a squeeze of lemon juice and cracked black pepper during the week.

Cake batter smoothie recipe

1 x banana

5 x walnuts

1.5 cups of soy milk (can substitute for coconut water)

2 x tablespoons of oats

1 x teaspoon of chia seeds

1 x teaspoon of flax seeds

Squeeze of honey or 2 dates roughly with seeds removed.

Whizzed together in my nutribullet.

If you like green smoothies, check out my recipe on my Instagram here.

Weekends if I eat out for breakfast, I’d probably order eggs Benedict, avocado on toast or an acai bowl along with an almond milk latte.

Or if I’m at home I’ll also make my own poached eggs.

Click the links to see: omlette green smoothie & leftovers with poached eggs acai bowl 2

Lunch: I love kale! The best way to prepare kale for salads is to wash the leafs, cut the stalk out and dispose of it. Roughly chop the leafs and then season it with extra virgin olive oil and Himalayan pink salt. This will cause the kale to wilt and not be so tough to eat raw in a salad. I like to add some kind of nuts, maybe feta cheese, beetroot or cherry tomatoes. Whatever you like basically. Kale salad

Dinner: Always involves vegetables of some sort. I prefer mine roasted and sometimes I don’t even have protein. I’d literally just roast up a bunch of sweet potato, pumpkin, cauliflower and broccoli. I do enjoy pan friend or roasted salmon though. For the roasted option I generally cook up some brown rice in my rice cooker whilst I prepare the salmon. I top mine with diced onions, grated ginger, finely chopped chili and soy sauce. Pour the mixture all over the salmon and cook for around 20 mins on 190 degrees Fahrenheit or until it it’s cooked on the outside. I like mine cooked medium (still pink on the inside).

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