A Turkish dream @ Ruya

As I stepped inside Ruya, I already decided I wanted to come back, and I hadn’t even tried the food yet. The atmosphere was warm and inviting and the decor, simply stunning. From the open kitchen and bar, to the terrace seating, no matter where you sit you’ll experience Ruya’s charm.


There was a bunch of us dining together for another BME event hosted by the lovely Monica at DoinDubai. We snapped some interior pictures while we waited for everyone to arrive and glazed our eyes over the drink menu and chose ourselves a beverage. The food menu was set, but little did we know how much of it was to arrive.

An array of starters appear on the table and we start clicking like crazy before tasting. Luckily 3 are served cold. The crudites are beautifully presented on an iced platter with a red pepper yoghurt dip. The baby squid doesn’t look as impressive but is a favorite of mine from the starters, along with levrek – a sashimi seabass coated in mustard and garnished with shaved radish and apple.


We’d hardly had time to digest the appetizers before the mains start to arrive. Cag kebap which we divy up between us, is a succuclent tender chicken cooked on a horiztonally rotating as opposed to a vertical broiler used at most doner kebab places.


The cheese pide comes served with a soft egg yolk on top. Delicious but not a meal I’d eat for dinner but something I’d definitely enjoy at breakfast time with a coffee.


We were served a cheese fondue with wild mushrooms and truffle butter. Saying that aloud is enough to make you drool. It’s comprised of 3 different cheeses straight from Turkey which tasted delicious all mixed together, however it’s served alone without anything to dip in it or eat with it.


A full sea bream is served in a clay pot to our table and dissected in front of us allowing us to then help ourselves. It’s popular amongst the table but it’s not my favorite fish or main.


Instead I have a second helpings of the Adana kebap. A spicy lamb kebap which is on the pricier side for the portion size.


The evening concludes as always with some sweet treats. We receive a selection of Turkish ice creams and we sample them and try to guess the flavors which are quite intense. From what I could taste one was grapefruit or blood orange.


No Turkish meal would be complete without a Turkish Tea. Worth waiting for.img_5579

Chef Colin Clague has again created something special, this time by sourcing the finest ingredients for this Antolian inspired menu which is executed brilliantly. Perfect place for taking guests or for date night, especially with it’s outdoor balcony overlooking the Marina.

Take note, it’s fine dining so the menu items are priced accordingly.

Ruya - Grosvenor House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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