Better Greek food than Greece?

You might of seen Eat Greek Kouzina around town as they have 3 very convenient locations; Mall of The Emirates, Dubai Mall and of course the original at JBR.

Although if you haven’t been there yet, there is a new reason to – cue the newly launched Mezze lunch menu. A mixture of hot and cold mezze, 10 to be exact, which make up this new menu.

We chose to visit the JBR branch as it’s close to home. It was still too hot to walk down though so we took a cab and when we arrived we also chose a seat inside (as did every other smart person there) although they do have a lovely al fresco dining area facing the beach, which is beautiful and busy in the cooler Dubai months.

After spending a week in Greece I had reservations whether Eat Greek could live up to my expectations, especially that of the cheese. The presentation alone was enough to impress. After all, a well presented meal can make all the difference to your overall dining experience.

The seafood we ate included some rather large octopus tentacles, fried calamari and vermicelli wrapped fried prawns with a light pink strawberry balsamic sauce sitting on a fruit salsa. I was simply blown away. We were in awe at how good the food quality and taste was compared to the seafood we had eaten in Greece itself! The octopus was tender with a lovely charred grill flavor compared to some of the chewy, tough versions I ate in the Greek Islands.img_3471In my opinion the only dish lacking a lot of flavor was the Greek salad. Not sure what was missing but it just wasn’t very flavorsome compared to the rest of the dishes and we could of gone without.img_3465

From the cold mezze the beetroot salad and tzatziki were impressive. The Greek style bruschetta was enjoyable served on a warm pita with grilled capsicums, onions, and feta. This could also be called a Bruschetta Gyros.


The moussaka was a hefty slab of well layered mince and eggplant base with a thick white sauce, sprinkled with cinnamon and nutmeg, straight out of the oven with a side salad of mixed leafs. Definitely a comfort food that I’d come back again for.


Most people wouldn’t know what Orzo is but my eyes lit up with delight when I saw it arrive to our table. The rice look a like is actually a type of pasta. EGK serve this dish with feta which is melted throughout adding a rich and creamy aspect against the soft grilled vegetables. So comforting.



This time we had absolutely zero space for dessert so we went without. Although if you have room or if you’re swinging by and are just after a quick sugar fix then their Nutella Spartan is not to be missed.

They’ve also just launched a range of retail products like Honey, Preserved Fruits and Balsamic Vinegars imported directly from Greece which are available to purchase from MOE and JBR locations.

I made sure to call over the Restaurant Managers over after our meal to express our positive feedback and to give props to the Chefs. Overall they’ve definitely nailed the authentic Greek taste and in my opinion do most dishes better than the motherland. Being Greek themselves this made them blush with pride. So next time you’re hungry, why not Eat Greek? 😉

Eat Greek Kouzina Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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