Iftar @ The Constellation Ballroom, The Address Dubai Marina

From the moment the lift opens onto the 2nd floor, the candle’s flicker and the warm staff are there to greet you. You talk a stroll down the red carpet lined with traditional lanterns which leads to the main food hall. The first thing you will see is this impressive array of dates and dried fruits.IMG_7036You are then shown to your table which is in the Constellation ballroom, grand and decorated with a modern take on a traditional arabic theme. The tables are all lined with white tablecloths and also has dates and water waiting for you to break your fast.

The oud plays in the centre set the scene while you wait for the call to prayer to play out. The buffet offering in the main hall literally has something for everyone. From the traditional arabic offerings, to Indian (curries)…IMG_7051Chinese (dim sum & noodles)IMG_7055To Japanese (sushi) and everything in between. I even remember seeing some Mexican dishes.

The selection of hot and cold mezze was impressive and to be honest a little overwhelming. But I stuck to the basics, hummus, fattoush etc & I wasn’t disappointed.IMG_7040There was a selection of freshly fried dishes too including falafels and samboosas.IMG_7045The lengths they go to impress their guests is nothing but 5 star. Check out this clever quite literally “date palm”. So cool!IMG_7044They even had a live sharwarma station as well as ready made chicken sharwarmas for the taking.IMG_7047They don’t just have your standard boring plain bread options either. Check out these flavor combinations below. So delicious!IMG_7048As well as the most sought after Iftar dish, Lamb Ouzi they also had a rather large roasted turkey for the carving.IMG_7053Inside the ballroom is also a tea station serving Moroccan mint tea either with or without sugar. Perfect to help digest dinner.IMG_7049One of the dessert sections was dedicated to fresh fruit and ice cream. I particularly liked the exotic fruit they had ‘rambutan’ which is native to Asia. It’s almost like a lychee.IMG_7050Look how cute these kanufa nests are filled with pistachios. The birds would be jealous!IMG_7064Even some chocolate mousse with cream and berries for the traditionalists.IMG_7071There was even a selection of Indian desserts.IMG_7079There was more desserts that you could poke a stick at. Including this gorgeously presented pistachio fruit cake.IMG_7080The Constellation Ballroom holds over 400 guests but you do not feel cramped in the slightest. Nor do you feel you have to queue up for food. The well through out buffet table arrangement means people move freely from station to station. The staff provide drink replenishments straight to your table (think freshly squeezed juices and a traditional tamarind juice) and the two dessert stations inside as well as the ice cream station are cleverly positioned to avoid queues.

The Iftar is priced at 210AED per person with discounts available for large groups.

Don’t forget to hashtag Ramadan Sawa on the photos taken with the Ramadan Sawa frame for a chance to win an Iftar or a one night’s stay at the hotel. #RamadanSawa

Phone: 04 436 7777

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