Fascinating Farzi

If you google Farzi Cafe you’ll see it originated back in India with one branch in Guragon and the other in New Delhi. Farzi claims to be “Dubai’s best restaurant”. Big call for a place which has recently opened it’s doors. The surrounding location is the peacefully beautiful European like City Walk phase 2.

The decor is modern and grand with large gold ornaments, upside down pot plants hanging from the ceiling and a luminous patterned wall. The restaurant itself is smaller than I expected inside and can feel quite cramped because of the small tables and the way the food and drinks are presented, as they take up most of the space. But you can’t complain as it’s all part of the Farzi experience.IMG_6478It’s yet another Indian molecular gastronomy in Dubai but this one is a casual dining cafe with more affordable prices. Molecular gastronomy is when science meets food. The way each and every dish is served is impressive, from halved wine bottles to broken martini glasses they all provide a visual illusion with a hint of cheek. The menu although it looks cool I found it hard to read due to the varying text styles, sizes and colors.

We start with an amuse bouche; shots made from labneh spheres with a dot of berry compote frozen by the dry ice bath.IMG_6418The dal chawal arancini is unusually tasty with a play on fusion cuisine creating an indian appetizer from a well known Italian dish and it works particularly well. Crunchy and flavorful.IMG_6427Our drinks are also impressive served in the strangest contraption with a weird name to match; ananas orbits. It’s a take on a pina colada so a mix of pineapple juice, tender coconut and pina colada caviars which bounce around the drinking apparatus.IMG_6420This tandoori wild mushroom mix with truffle aroma I wasn’t keen on eating as I’m not a huge mushroom fan I was surprised. I loved the crunchy addition of walnuts in this dish which made it more than bearable for a non-mushroom fan.IMG_6426The tempura dynamite prawns were enough to give PF Changs a run for their money if only it was served as more than 4 as I didn’t want to share this dish with anymore.IMG_6431The deconstructed shepherds pie was a clever take on the original with tender pieces of meat chunks sitting on creamy mash potato with dehydrated beetroot chips.IMG_6434These lamb chops were so tender it felt as if they were cooked ‘sous vide’ but the flavor got of the meat was lost among all the sauce and micro pop corn pieces.IMG_6436The boot leggin beverages were a sweet soda with a blend of spices.IMG_6442The deviled quail eggs were presented in this interesting wine bottle. It includes golden fried quail eggs, Indian spiced chicken mince and za’taar infused labneh spheres. Again multiple flavors and textures in your mouth.IMG_6438Aloo seared wagyu was an enjoyable dish with tender slices of seasoned wagyu beef with walnut chunks.IMG_6444This wagyu beef slider had a generous portion of beef slices however it was inside a thick scone-like bun which was wasn’t very appetizing.IMG_6452The butter chicken sharwarma sliders served in a large truck and it’s totally normally to see toy trucks on the table here. The bun on these sliders were much more enjoyable, soft and easier to digest, almost like a steamed bao bun.IMG_6454The lamb chops were that tender they could of been prepared with a ‘sous vide’ the only issue is the meat taste was lost among the sauce.IMG_6436

IMG_6463The shrimp curry with lime rice topped with a giant prawn cracker I found again to be over seasoned and too saucy losing the flavor of the shrimp itself.

To me the service felt as if it was very rushed with the staff wanting to immediately show us the creativeness behind the dish before we had time to get our cameras ready. However apparently this is normal service for restaurants in India.

The Irish haze was another drink we tried served in a “broken martini glass” essentially a martini glass without the stem. Dry ice is added beneath it and it bubbles away furiously like a tea pot about to explode.IMG_6440The desserts did not stop arriving. We tried 4 of them between us with my favorite being the jalebi caviar. Not only because the jalebi has cleverly been made into tiny little caviar pieces but the multiple flavors and textures meant it was a mutlisensory experience.


Jalebi caviar dessert


The after photo of the risotto phirni oxide


Rasmalai tres leches with carrot cream and a rose petal net

Although we didn’t order this final dessert, the chef wanted our humble opinion. It looked like a standard chocolate fondant but the twist here was the raspberry chocolate filling and chocolate chunks topped with fresh berries. Although not very Indian it’s still very appealing to all the chocolate lovers out there.IMG_6473

IMG_6476The bill comes standing in an old school type writer. There’s nothing they haven’t thought of when it comes to presentation.IMG_6477Props to the person who created this menu and the clever ideas behind the way in which to serve the meals. It makes for a very memorable experience.

It was fully booked out when we dined on a Friday lunch so make sure to reserve ahead of time and go get “Farzified’.

Location: City Walk 2

Phone: 04 3942556

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