How 2 years in Dubai changed my tastebuds

It’s true as we grow older our taste buds change. Things we might not of been able to tolerate or like as we were younger have now become bearable or even enjoyable. That’s why I think it’s important to keep trying different foods, whether or not you were fond of them when you were younger.

For example: For years my Dad would try and get me to have a glass of red wine with dinner. I would always have a sniff and a sip but screw my face up with disgust. Now I’m partial to a drop of red. I wouldn’t say I drink it often but I do have a favorite which is Malbec, an Argentinian type of wine.

Below is the list of foods I now eat since moving to Dubai. Who would of thought?

  • I eat various kinds of raw fish; ceviche, sashimi and tartare.


  • Eggplant/Aubergine. Whatever you want to call it. I eat it.
  • Olives, mainly the green kind though and absolutely love this dish from Mayrig below which also contains crushed pieces of Walnuts. It’s epic


  • Raw meat. Cue Mayrigs kebbe below. I was hesitant but I tried it and I liked it. A lot.





  • Dates. Dates everywhere. Especially during Ramadan.


  • Coconut. My trip to Zanzibar actually made me realize how good fresh coconut juice is and also eating the flesh. I buy them now from my local super market in Dubai or order one when I go out to a restaurant. Natural hydration at it’s best.




  • Avocado. Now while I did start adding a little avo into my sandwiches & things at home, it wasn’t until I moved to Dubai where I started eating it chunky style on my toast and adding it into my smoothies and salads.
  • Pomegranate. These fruits are packed with fiber, protein, vitamins C & K, folate and potassium. I add them into my oats, salads or just eat them alone.
  • Kunafa – so much cheesy goodness. What’s not to love?



  • Foie Gras, rich in taste and price.
  • Hummus, vine leaves, tabbouleh, pretty much all cold mezzeh
  • Manoush/Manakeesh – My fav flavor is a Lahme Bajine like a pizza topped with minced meat.

I still dislike mushrooms. I have tried and gotten over truffle and gag at the thought of eating oysters.

Are there any new foods on your list which you’ve only recently started eating or liking?

Let me know in the comments section below.

Nossy xxx



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