Tempting Cuisine @ Culinary Boutique

After winning an Instagram competition on Tableforfivedubai’s account,  I invited a fellow food lover to experience Culinary Boutique with me. It was our first time to this Jumeirah establishment which doubles as a cooking school as well as a restaurant.


I always fail to check if restaurants have valet parking so as I slowly approached closer to the restaurant (according to google maps), I noticed a paid car park to my right, so I parked there and walked a few hundred metres to where the restaurant is. Had I stayed in my car another few seconds I would of found the restaurant therefore used the valet parking.


My foodie date for the evening was not far from approaching so I entered the premises to find a table and introduce myself to the staff.


CB is a stand alone premises over 2 floors which includes an interestingly designed architectural design on the ground floor. Almost like an upside down wave. Downstairs is also where the bakery counter is showcasing freshly baked goods and their famous lavender items. Upstairs is not only the kitchens, bakery and classrooms, but an outdoor terrace seating area and if you look hard enough you’ll notice the Burj Khalifa dazzling in the background.


I met the head chef as well as restaurant manager and they informed us we would be looked after and gave us some suggestions on what to order but also wanted us to try some new dishes on the menu.

I ordered a Ritzy Lychee to quench my thirst. The menu overall is refreshing with a good variety of options for dinner.


The corn was first up. A new addition to their menu which they were currently trialing. Bursting with so many flavors I was sad when it was over.


We also had wagyu sirloin carpaccio which was heavy on the truffle with both truffle mousse and truffle shavings.


The lobster tail  was superb. Topped with sun dried tomato spicy butter which enhanced the taste. Fleshy and flavorsome seafood right there. It comes served with partially battered asparagus stalks and a creamy dipping sauce.


The beef ravioli which we tried had intriguing presentation. I’ve never seen ravioli served like this before. I kept looking in the middle wondering where the filling was until I realized it was in the pasta itself but it was just wrapped and presented in a different way.


The marbled wagyu sirloin which was served in a stone tray truly was the highlight. It was seasoned just right and cooked medium. I can still remember the succulent, juicy, meaty taste to this day.

We also had hokkaido scallops risotto. Personally for me the scallops were a little overcooked but the bed of creamy risotto they lay made me forget about it quite quickly.

We ordered dessert and wanted a tea to help with digestion but instead something else caught our eye. The lavender hot chocolate. Not only did it sound amazing, when it came to our table we were in awe. A chocolate web lay above our cup as our served pours in the almond milk lavender hot chocolate from a gorgeous copper tea pot.

Desserts then arrived, a gorgeous lavender tea cake, which also happens to be their signature cake. CB bakes their cakes fresh in house on a daily basis and they serve you up such a generous portion.

Everyone’s had a chocolate fondant before but not everybody’s had one with green tea matcha oozing out from the center. Enough to make someone green with envy!

I was so impressed overall with Culinary Boutique, from the taste and presentation, to the venue and decor, down to the service. I’d definitely dine again for dinner and I’m excited to see what other new additions they’ve put on the menu. Or perhaps even one day take a cooking class!

Culinary Boutique is located in Villa 56, Jumeirah 1.

For bookings: 04 4535466

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