My top five burgers in Dubai

Here is a round up of my top 5 places in Dubai that I think have the best tasting burgers.

  1. Salt – The juiciest, tastiest beef patty I ever did try in a slider. They nail both their beef and chicken burgers. This limited edition black salt burger was no exception.

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#saltblacksummer 😎🖤#notsponsored

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2. Five Guys – The  double cheeseburger all the way – hold the mushrooms! It’s not greasy but it’s juicy as hell. Have some extra napkins handy.

3. Ting Irie – Ok so maybe they’re not burgers but these Oxtail Cocobread Sandwiches are so freaking good, you won’t want to share. Think slow briased, soft pulled oxtail, with Jamaican coleslaw in a freshly baked Cocobread bun. Ya Mon!

4. Blaze Burgers –  The 6abooga burger. It’s a burger between a grilled cheese. Good luck finishing it on your own!

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🔥🔥🔥Just BLAZE 🔥🔥🔥 This 6abooga burger was the best thing I’ve put in my mouth in a longgggg time👄 Two grilled cheese with a burger on the inside. Whoever thought of this is genius! Think I’ve just found my new fav burger place in town. The fries, the burgers, their unique desserts & shakes. This place is fireeeee. Get there now or order online via @zomatouae 🍔 🍔 🍔 🍔 🍔 #BlazeBurgers #JBR #foodporn #tryitordiet #seriouseats #dailyfoodfeast #eatingfortheinsta #igdaily #foodcoma #cheatmeal #eeeeeats #foodie #getinmybelly #foodbeast #tastingtable #Instafood #ilovefood #starvingfoodseeker #lickyourphone #foodlovers #foodstagram #huffposttaste #whatnossyate #buzzfeast

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5. Bareburger – The American – All the essentials stacked high in a sesame seed bun. They pride themselves on Organic ingredients so you won’t feel heavy or greasy after demolishing this one.

Let me know your favorites or any other places that deserve a try.

Nossy x

7 Comments on “My top five burgers in Dubai”

      • It probably might sound over-promising, but almost all their burgers are really good. I mostly have The Works or Hot Rocks. But also recommended are Tumbleweed, Cowboy or Swiss Melt. One more suggestion to try their Garhoud branch, have always had a good experience here compared to the others.


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